vivi la tua vita ora, sei ancora in tempo ♥
"I wanna be your idea of perfect”
— Jay Gatsby (Leo)
"Get drunk, I need the truth.”
— J.D. (8/28/14)

i am seventeen years old
and i am scared of the next nine
days of my life because if
i don’t do what i need the rest of
my life is going to look at me
with shame and leave me

i am seventeen years old
and i have already loved so deeply
that sometimes i cannot comprehend
who i am or how one person can
feel this way

i have also had hate rage within
me and grasp onto my heart
for so long that it clouds the love
people tell me i am capable of and
for that i am sorry

i am seventeen years old
and i think about children and
pregnancy and the house that i want
in seven years as if it will all be handed
to me one day

i am seventeen years old
and i spend my bus rides home
crying about who i am meant to be
about who my mother needs me to be
and about how i don’t know
if i’ll survive until i am

i am seventeen years old
and i am tired of getting
satisfaction from lying and stealing
whether it’s a friend or something
off a store shelf

i am tired of the criminal, of the
drunk, of the abusive father, of the
sister who used to punish me for speaking
that all linger inside me after seventeen

i am seventeen years old
and sometimes my fingers shake
against the weight of the world
and i am afraid that some day
i will wake up and every single thing
that i have done right in this world
will not matter anymore

i am seventeen years old  - k.f. (via amillionhosannas)